Six! – A simple balance game ready for endless fun!

Do you like balance games? If your answer is “Yes” you’re probably already well aware of how difficult it is to find a good balance game for your mobile device… Today we’ve got one!

Six! is a simple balance game based around a tower, a hexagon, and gravity. Your mission in this game is to slowly eliminate blocks from a tower without accidentally knocking off a blue hexagon positioned on top of your tower.

The game is played using simple touch controls (Touch a block to eliminate it) and will literally take you less than 10 seconds to figure out. With no rules other than don’t knock off the blue hexagon, and no binding time limits to restrict you in any way, this game is played very differently to most games you’ve probably played in 2016.

You see, as long as you “actually think” before wildly eliminate blocks, there is almost always a way to eliminate everything on your screen without moving your blue hexagon anywhere but directly down onto your next block.

In short, as long as you don’t make any rash moves, “you will” win this game…

Do you like games where most of the rules are made by the people outside of the game? (i.e. Why not take turns eliminating blocks?) If so, this is a game so simple and plain, there is plenty room to add your own rules when playing with friends or family.

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