If you’re worried our site is glitching out on you, have no fear, what you are seeing is completely normal and 100% real. Today we would like to share our review of _-_ A game we aren’t exactly sure how you are supposed to pronounce out loud…

_-_ by Simple Machine – a company known for making simple games for both iOS and Android – is a game we think has crossed the line. According to Albert Einstein “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler” …this may be the first game we’ve reviewed that is too-simple…😕

In a nutshell, _-_ by Simple Machine is a game about aligning 4 sliders on a white line positioned at the center of your screen. In most cases, moving one slider will affect a different one, creating a sort of whack em all type of situation where moving one slider into position will move another one out of position.

Although simple, whether or not players will even consider this simple game mechanic fun is debatable.😅

After playing through 15-20 levels, we can safely say that this game isn’t hard. Much as we would like to call _-_ a puzzle game, it feels more like a balancing game you would use to test seniors for dementia. Not the type of game we can see young 15-25 year-olds enjoying in their free time.

With nicely synchronized visual and audial effects, a super simple UI, and absolutely nothing else – this game has none of the clutter other games would consider essential – as fans of pretty much anything with a minimalistic design _-_ was a game we really wanted to like…

Unfortunately, it was just a little too simple for us…😢

The Conclusion

If you’re a die-hard fan of simple minimalistic games for iOS and Android who knows you may actually find _-_ a super fun game! If so, great for you!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough of a “game” for us to enjoy…

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