Silly Walks

Silly Walks (by Part Time Monkey) is a game we’ve been meaning to check out ever since our Interview for Space FrontierWith a ridiculously awesome gameplay system featuring a number of different well-known foods that (sort of) walk, and a stupid number of household obstacles, this game is basically a disaster waiting to happen. 🍔🍟🌭

Set in an “average” home you might find anywhere, your mission in this game is to free your fruity friends from captivity by carefully walking over benches guarded by knives, meat pounders, hot stoves, and more.

The game is played by repeatedly tapping on the screen of your device in order to hop from one leg to another, allowing you to slowly waddle your way around the stage. Although a little tricky at first, you’ll soon get the hang of things and have your player waddling around the stage with ease!

Each of the levels in this game require you to complete 3 simple missions in order to end with 3 stars.🌟 These missions consist of things as challenging as defeating a rolling saucepan covered in kitchen knives(!) to kicking a given number of empty cans off the stage.

Although your missions will vary depending on the level you are playing, overall your goal seems to stay the same. Rescue your friends from captivity!

Unfortunately, this hero was just a little too late…

With animated 3D graphics, Silly Walks looks a lot like something from a cartoon. Featuring a number of different characters for you to unlock, approximately 60 uniquely challenging levels, and even a 1 on 1 mode for you to test out your skills online, Silly Walks is a game we highly recommend to anyone in for a laugh! …or a challenge…

Last but not least, the game only features a minimal number of ads which is amazing considering just how good this game looks!

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a game that excellently portrays just how a hamburger would walk in vivid 3D graphics? …and ironically also does a great job of portraying just how “you” would walk after eating too many hamburgers…? 🍔🍟

If so, you’ve just found the game you need.

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