If you love sailing around using nothing but the power of the wind to propel you forward, today we’ve got a game where your boating skills will shine like no other!✨ Are you ready to set sail on two large-scale bananas lashed together with some rope and a mast? …because we weren’t…

Silly Sailing (by Devm Games) is a silly game about sailing a number of different household items such as Bath Tubs, Shoes, Hot Dogs, Sofas, and more. The aim of the game differs depending on what mode you are playing in, but the general idea stays the same, sail around a map using nothing but the power of the wind.

Although this may be a fairly simple (or even boring) task for those of us who “actually” have the skill to sail a yacht, for a bunch of gamers, writers, and programmers, Silly Sailing can actually prove to be quite a challenge…

Played using a set of 2 different controls, one to control the direction in which your boat travels (the rudder) and the other to control the angle of your sails, Silly Sailing requires you to keep an eye on the direction you are traveling + the direction of the wind + the position of your opponents (if you are racing), plus the location of your next checkpoint (once again, if you are racing) all at once.

If this sounds hard, Silly Sailing only gets harder over time with the addition of obstacles, such as whirlpools that can both speed you up as well as slow you down, to keep an eye on.😅

Although we’ve played a lot of racing games, Silly Sailing is the first mobile yacht racing game we’ve played, and we must say it is challenging yet very enjoyable. If you’re in for a new kind of racing game, Silly Sailing is a game we expect you’ll want to take a look at!

The Conclusion

With simple mobile controls you’ll struggle to master, a brilliant 3D design filled with humor, and not too many Ads to interrupt your gaming, Silly Sailing is a fun little yacht racing game we expect players like us will really enjoy. Hopefully, it is similar to sailing a real yacht…

Want to give Silly Sailing a try? The download link is just below.📲
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