Shatters – A super fast mini game you “must not play” for too long…

When was the last time you actually sat down and played a mobile game for 1 hour? Depending on how you use your smartphone, potentially never, that’s why today we’ve got what may be the fastest game you can pick up and put away for the few seconds you need it most!

Shatters is an exceedingly simple game. Honestly, if you had to play this game for longer than 10 minutes it would probably become some form of torture. But in short – 1 to 2 minute periods, this is one of the simplest games you could ever ask for.

Based around the simple concept of getting as close to a flat pane of glass as possible without shattering it, the game itself is sort of like a modified Chicken Race playable by simply tapping on the screen of your device.

The game begins with a flat pane of glass positioned somewhere along the center of your screen and a large rectangular object slowly closing in from below. Your mission in this game is to tap on the screen of your device in order to stop the rectangle the moment you see it enter the “Save Zone” positioned just below the pane of glass.

As the game progresses the “Save Zone” beneath the glass will decrease in size, gradually turning this simple game into an impossible monster!

If you plan on playing this game for 14 hours as you fly from New York to Tokyo, there is a slight chance you may be a little insane by the time you reach your destination…😓

If however you need something to do while you wait for an elevator to arrive, this may just be the game you were looking for.

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