Shadow Wars – Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the shadows…

Shadow Wars is a scary game😓  (depending on how old you are, potentially very scary) please be sensible when deciding whether or not to download this game.

Shadow Wars is a “slightly” more terrifying version of Pokemon for players who find cute and cuddly monsters just a little unrealistic… Featuring an intriguing storyline that takes you through an adventure of what actually goes on in the dark alleyways of cities around the world, you are forced to become a Shadow Master in order to survive💀

Constantly faced with the five secret factions (5 organizations that control most – if not all – of the underground world) you will constantly be faced with dangerous situations that require you to fight for your safety and the safety of others.

The game is played using a relatively simple “Puzzle Based Battle System”, that – together with the in game tutorial – should only take a few moments to figure out. What makes this game challenging is the number of different combinations of monsters, weapons, and abilities you can choose from and play with in order to create the ultimate battle unit.

For players who love horror / battle games, Shadow Wars is a no-brainer. With intuitive controls, beautifully grotesque graphics, and a storyline that will send shivers down your spine this is a game you’ll probably want to check out😉

Need a new puzzle based battle game mixed in with a little horror…💀

Shadow Wars is a thrilling monster filled game we don’t recommend small children play. If you think you’re ready to take on the world hidden behind layers of darkness and secrecy… The download link is just below😉

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