We haven’t reviewed a new game from Orangenose Studios in quite a while… Having been almost 9 months(!) since our initial review of Alley Bird we thought it was about time we checked up to see what new games are available from this very fun studio. 😆

Rush Meal (by Orangenose Studios) is a game about a round frog, countless flies, and a very low powerline…what on earth could go wrong…? 🤷‍♂️

…ok a lot could and does go wrong in this game… Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to fire your tongue up at flies passing overhead, your mission in this game is to eat as many flies as possible before you eventually mess up and hit the powerline above you with your tongue and… RIP…💀 …if you’re going to die, you may as well die full…

Unfortunately for those gamers who love to hit “Continue” after an unexpected GAME OVER, Rush Meal doesn’t offer that sort of functionality, meaning every tap counts.

That being said, there are a few secrets to getting a relatively high score without being an extra skilled gamer. For one, you aren’t required to eat everything that flies overhead. Just like in the real world, your frog won’t starve just because you missed eating a few flies, and if you’re smart you can use this to your advantage.

By selectively eating the flies that fly lower to the ground, you can quickly build up a relatively high score without taking any huge risks. On top of that, (PRO Tip) by deliberately tapping on the screen later rather than earlier, you have a much greater chance of successfully catching a fly.

Featuring the same minimalistic flat art style as pretty much every other game from Orangenose Studios, no levels or skins (just the core gameplay), and not too many Ads, Rush Meal is definitely a little lacking compared with every other game from Orangenose Studios we’ve reviewed but is a fun game none-the-less.

Well worth adding to your collection!

The Conclusion

If you are dying for the next game from Orangenose Studios to add to your collection – here it is! Quick, download it before you RIP…💀 If however, you’re not dying for a new game from Orangenose Studios to add to your collection, Rush Meal is a good game you probably won’t regret choosing to download.

Good… but not as compelling as it “could” be…

Want to give Rush Meal a try? The download link is just below.📲
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