Have you ever dreamt you were a small sausage stuck in a massive kitchen? Surrounded by strange devices and contraptions designed to KILL YOU💀 (transform you into a delicious meal), life as a sausage in a kitchen must be terrifying…

Run Sausage Run! is a game about a rouge sausage who attempts to escape from this hell on earth by dashing past knives, gas burners, meat pounders, and a horde of other sharp cooking utensils(?) that look a lot like some of the torture devices we’ve seen in movies… too bad the game is endless…

Set on an endless stage of terror, your mission in this game is to (Tap and Hold) on the screen of your device in order to dash and to (Release) in order to slow down. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to stop your player from moving forward, making the timing at which you release very important.

Otherwise, you’ll just walk into an obstacle and die helplessly… 

Run Sausage Run!

Although the controls do take some getting used to – especially if you’re the type of player that struggles to take risky opportunities – after dying a few times you’ll soon figure out just how fast you need to move in order to get past one obstacle without running into the next one and dying.

With a number of strange and exotic sausages for you to unlock, (including our 3 favorite political characters Kim, Trump, and Vlad), Run Sausage Run! is a game you can play for fun, or to release some of the stress associated with living in a world run by… interesting people…😅

Although fun for a little while, you probably won’t want to play this game for hours and hours on end.

The Conclusion

If you’ve ever wondered what life as a sausage is like, this is the game for you! Although it isn’t super addictive, at least it is more exciting than Rock Simulator 2014 a popular(?) game about observing the life of a rock…😂

Want to give Run Sausage Run! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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