Have you ever played a game that just felt right? Whether it be how the controls felt or how smooth the graphics were, every so often we stumble upon a game that just feels good to play. Although we may not be the best at playing this cool new game, Run Around (by Crazy Labs) is a great feeling game for iOS and Android.

Set on a rather familiar looking stage, your mission in this game is to run around a circle in order to essentially paint the entire circumference. Within the circle are obstacles you will need to avoid in order to make it to the end alive, but one thing to note is that you can’t paint the outer edge of the circle while you are jumping, so in most cases you will need to run around the circle a few times in order to paint the entire thing.

In our case, (this could differ from player to player), what made this game feel so nice to play was how long and high your player can jump. Unlike a lot of similar games we have played, where your player can only just jump high enough to make it over an obstacle without touching, Run Around gives your player plenty of hight making the game feel more like a game and less like a system designed to show you Ads.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that Run Around doesn’t feature a stupendous number of Ads that show almost every time you Game Over. It simply means that you won’t feel cheated after an unexpected death.

With a total of 82 challenging levels for you to dodge your way through, super smooth feeling visuals as well as controls, and a dancing stickman to help you celebrate your victories, this is a game you may just want to check out.

The levels get much harder over time… 😈

The Conclusion

Are you in for a “revolutionary” game you can download now on your iOS or Android device? Although we’re not sure if you could call Run Around a revolutionary game, it does feature a lot of circles? …if that counts… 😂

Silly as this may sound, the controls are our favorite thing in this game.

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