Ruins Ahead – A moderately difficult action puzzle game!?

Were you a devoted temple run fan back when it was the cool new thing to play? If so, today we’ve got a super cute 3D puzzle runner game that will bring back memories… while probably making a few new ones…

Ruins Ahead is a new type of runner game. Potentially the first of its kind to be featured on Edamame Reviews, Ruins Ahead is a cross between a runner game and a puzzle, and will require you to actually think before wildly charging into whatever temple you plan on exploring.

Each run is set on a narrow bridge covered in obstacles and traps that must be avoided in order to prevent your player from dying. (Pretty simple. Avoid or die…) The game is played using tap and swipe gestures that either control your player or the actual stage itself. By tapping on the screen of your device, your player will jump one brick forward, and by either swiping left or right on the screen, the stage will rotate 90 degrees either to the left or right.

Using these controls, your mission in this game is to speedily rotate obstacles in and out of the way of your player while avoiding getting spiked, shot, sliced or blasted by the numerous traps that cover each stage…

Although very slow compared to most games of this type, Ruins Ahead does have a time limit meaning if you take too long, your player will probably end up swimming in the same waters as the crocodiles lurking below.

Do you enjoy moderately hard challenges? If so, Ruins Ahead is a game you might want to check out.

With simple controls, easy challenges (that suddenly become hard under pressure) and super cute characters, Ruins Ahead is a new type of temple run puzzle lovers will enjoy.

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