From the developers of… Dunk LineDunk ShotColor BallzKetchapp BasketballKetchapp FootballKnife Hit, and many more ultra-popular games for both iOS and Android, Rocky Climb is the first game from estoty – and only estoty – we’ve ever reviewed! …are we excited…😆

Rocky Climb is a game about climbing up the side of a mountain using an ultra-buff guy who should really take climbing lessons…💪

Although he’s tough, and literally has hands the size of boulders, your player in this game kind of sucks at climbing.😅 Played by skilfully tapping on the screen of your device, your mission in this game is to stiffly swing from one bolder to another as you slowly climb your way to the top of whatever mountain you happen to be working on.

As you progress through the game, there are a few checkpoints you can unlock in order to make your journey to the top an actually achievable one, and in case you were wondering there is a time limit. Your player may be tough, but he can only swing around the same rock twice before he loses his grip and falls…💀

With the same beautify animated simple designs we’ve seen in pretty much every game from estoty so far, Rocky Climb is yet another simple game estory fans won’t want to miss! With a large number of unlockable character customizations, not too many Ads, and simple controls, there isn’t a lot not to like about Rocky Climb.

The Conclusion

Looking for yet another fun and simple game to add to your collection? Why not give Rocky Climb a try!
You won’t regret it! 😉

Want to give Rocky Climb a try? The download link is just below.📲
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