Rocket Void – This game is so close to being addictive… 😂

For those of you nerdy enough to know what this even means, the most attractive “feature” in Rocket Void (by Benfont) is the particle effect… The particle effect that blasts low-poly smoke out from behind your rocket looked so cool in the 15-second trailer video we saw on twitter, we simply had to check it out…

Rocket Void isn’t a top quality game when it comes to features. What you see is essentially what you get, which isn’t a lot, but enough for a few hours of fun.

Featuring a low-poly spacecraft flying through a low poly 3D world, your mission in this game is to fly through rings without crashing in order to make it to the goal in one piece. We tried avoiding the rings, but that didn’t seem to work, so you should probably just play the game the way it was intended.

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to move your rocket horizontally, Rocket Void is actually a surprisingly easy game to play, (at least in the lower levels this is), thanks to the relatively slow speed at which things move.

One thing we found kind of unfortunate was that our score doesn’t carry over from one level to the next. For instance, if you score 900 on level 7 congratulations! …but you’ll be starting from 0 on level 8 – where 900 isn’t a difficult score to achieve, which makes you wonder why this game even has a high score in the first place!?

Other than a kind of useless scoring system, Rocket Void features little to keep you addicted for longer than an hour, if that. With no upgrades, unlockable skins, or anything else for that matter, at this stage Rocket Void is a game we would recommend as a one-off you can play for a bit and then forget about.

Fun while it lasts!

The Conclusion

If you’re about to leave the house and know you’re going to be stuck on a train with 15 minutes of boredom if you don’t download a game right now, then this is the game for you. Quick! Get it now!

If you’re about to be stranded on a desolate island for the next 10 years with only one game for entertainment… don’t choose this game… seriously… 😅

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