You are a robotic octopus sent to scavenge the ocean for useful material. Gasping your first breath of seawater and thrusting it out, you swoop over a vibrant bed of coral in search of prey. A moray eel wriggles toward you baring his teeth. You land and dig down, hiding in the sand. Studying the behaviors of the surrounding sea life, you hone your hunting skills and learn to avoid predators. Finding everything on your list, you’re whisked off to a new tropical location with new gear to help you adapt, explore, and turn your predators into prey.

I’ve spent 15 years building robots that operate in space, in the air, on the land, and underwater. Outside of work I published the sci-fi novel Circus of Prodigy about children building robots to compete in various environments. Robocto is the culmination of this experience. I wanted to create an immersive ocean simulation that players could explore as a futuristic, but still realistic, underwater robot.

The gear you attain is all based on existing marine technology and the visual effects are not flashy and loud, but subtle for realistic immersion. The menu and environmental colors are determined by the color of the sun at each time of day and the color of the water at each location to add unique beauty and realism to all 50 levels.

Moray Eels will bite you until you learn how to eat them. Reef sharks will hunt you until you learn how to ride them. Spinefoot will evade capture until you learn how to sneak up behind them. Hunt, explore, or just follow the sea life around and enjoy the view.

Experience a new way to move through a 3D environment with a touchscreen. An ocean survival game that takes you to a shipwreck at the Great Barrier Reef, a blue hole in the Bahamas, a volcano in Hawaii, a fishing village in the Philippines, and a tourist resort in Bora Bora. See if you have what it takes to rise through the food chain as Robocto!


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