Robo X - The Lost Energy

How long have you been waiting for a puzzle game that is suitable for all ages?
Most of the time when you download a new puzzle game it’s either too hard or too simple. It is only once in a blue moon that you find a puzzle game that is equally challenging as it is fun.

Rumour has it that this Christmas Eve there is going to be a blue moon. With the release of Robo X – The Lost Energy set on the first occurrence of a blue moon (AKA. December 24th, 2017), you are guaranteed to enjoy a challenging puzzle game with the rest of your family during the holiday season.

RoboX is back again and is on a mission to save Robo City from a widespread power outage caused by an unknown individual. In The Lost Energy you help RoboX navigate the different levels and areas of Robo City in order to find the missing Data Clusters required to restore the energy. Using a virtual joystick, you help RoboX move boxes, dodge missiles, wake up enemies, and much more in this colourful new installment in the Robox series. The game is very simple to pick up but remains challenging and rewarding at the same time. With Robo X – The Lost Energy, you will feel smarter after every level you complete. Everything changes when you reach level 51!!!

Robo X - The Lost Energy

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