Rise Above

Rise Above is a really interesting game. You see, when the game begins you are given two choices, high risk-high return, or low risk-low return.

Most games similar to Rise Above are just plain difficult, meaning the better player always wins (I’m always the loser), now in the case of this game it’s different. But first let’s explain how the game is played.

You are an arrow slowly climbing up a tube with walls blocking either the left side or the right side of the tube. Your job as the player is to continually switch sides so as not to collide with any walls. Obviously the higher you climb the less warning you get as to which side to move to, making the game more difficult.

Now the interesting part comes in here. By swiping on the screen you can warp your player back to where you started bringing the game essentially back to level 1.

Points are given to you each time you pass by a wall and are multiplied depending on how high up the tube you are.

And so you have two options, play safe and for a long time, or blast to the top and hope you survive long enough to make a mark.

Rise Above_SS1 Rise Above_SS2

Rise Above is a very interesting game in the sense that there is more than one way to win.

If you’ve spent the last 6 months or so trying to beat your insanely good gamer friend, this may be the game to do it with.

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