Are you a crazy RGB loving gamer? If so, RGB Express is probably one of the most disappointing games you will ever play this year, not because the game is bad, but because it has absolutely nothing to do with the RGB you were most likely anticipating… Tee-Hee…‼😆

RGB Express (by Bad Crane) is a game about delivering goods to Red, Green, Blue, and – for some reason – Yellow(?) houses without driving down the same street twice. Why the developers included Yellow(!?) houses is a mystery we hope to unveil in our Developer Interview…

Played by drawing a line down the different roads and streets you need to travel through in order to either “collect” or “deliver” goods, RGB Express a is fairly straightforward and easy game to play… or at least… it is at first…😅

As you progress through the game, the levels become more and more challenging, forcing you to rack your brain for that one perfect route that will get you from start to finish without driving down the same street twice. For crazy puzzle game fanatics, RGB Express may actually be one of the easier puzzle games for you to conquer, due to the fact that the number of possible answers decreases at the same speed as the difficulty increases, meaning if you’re brilliant at crunching numbers, it shouldn’t take long for you to crack out the correct route.

With 400 challenging levels for you to puzzle your way through, a cute and simple design, and not too many Ads, there really isn’t a lot for you to complain about in this game.

If we were to find one aspect to hate on, it would probably be the lack of a reset button when drawing out our route on the map. Although it isn’t exactly that big of a deal when you are suddenly hit with a stroke of brilliance and need to map out your route before you forget it, having to manually backtrack your route before drawing out the new one is definitely a little annoying. However, at this point, we are seriously nitpicking for something to complain about. There really isn’t a lot not to like about RGB Express…

If you’re in for an RGB puzzle game that has nothing to do with your colorful gaming gear, this is the game for you‼😆

The Conclusion

When we first heard of RGB Express, we were seriously expecting to see something like “Razer Synapse” for our smartphones. Definitely not a cute puzzle game about trucks and tiny houses.

Although it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, RGB Express is a fun little game we highly recommend to any puzzle game lovers willing to give it a try!

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