Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore a real life dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and of course lots of treasure? Well, if you have, we recommend you try playing this game before you venture off on your quest.

Redungeon is a dungeon game – Gasp! I never could have guessed! – based around well, a normal knight. Your knight in this game doesn’t have crazy magical powers, superhuman strength, or even an insanely oversized sword. He’s just your average guy on a quest, and as you can probably imagine, things don’t turn out as heroically as they do in games…

Your knight will get stuck in spider webs, fall off high places, get digested by slimy green blobs, get electrocuted, slashed, shot at, spiked, and of course crushed between two massive pillars… ouch…😓

If you’re still planning on going on a dungeon adventure we recommend you practice here first.

Besides being hilarious in a brutal way – depending on how realistic your imagination is – Redungeon has, as you’d expect from Nitrome, some of the best pixelated graphics and swipe controls found in games today.

With beautifully animated characters, effects, and scenery linked together with controls simple enough to actually allow you to admire the beauty, Redungeon is another truly amazing game from Nitrome dungeon RPG style game lovers might want to check out.

The Conclusion

Besides constantly killing your unfortunate little hero in extraordinarily brutal ways, Redungeon is a nice and simple dungeon game you won’t regret having on your phone for when boredom strikes…

If you’re in need of a quick getaway world filled with fantasy, Redungeon is just a click away😉

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