Really Bad Chess – The “Most Chaotic” game of Chess ever!

Have you ever played Chess with “custom” rules? We have, and we must say it didn’t end very well. Once we played a version of chess we later named “Horse-Chess” where every piece (besides the King) was forced to move in the same manner as a Horse / Knight… “The result…?” …Pure Chaos😊

Really Bad Chess is a simple mobile version of Chess designed around pretty much the same principles as Horse-Chess, just with a little more chaos. Played using 16 units each (just like normal Chess) the only really chaotic, we mean “different” thing about this game is that the 16 units you start off with seem to be 100% random!

Besides a “King” which will always be on each side, the number of “other” units you are given is pretty much left up to chance😓

One game we started off with around 5 Queens, 7 Bishops, 1 Castle, 2 Knights, and of course 1 King⚔ …Do we even need to say who won?😉

This game can be a really frustrating game – especially if you’re on the losing end – but as long as you’ve got a positive attitude and can laugh at an unfair loss and try again, this game is also a really fun game that we’d love to play with a group of good friends.

If your friends happen to be “Super Serious” about the games they play, this probably isn’t the game for your next Gaming Party…

This game is an awesome game we highly recommend you try! 

With 4 Free single player modes, Daily Board, Weekly Challenge, Ranked Mode, Free Play Mode, and a Multi-Player Mode that requires an In-App Purchase, this game will keep you entertained whether in a group or alone!

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