Rainbonauts – UFO’s, Rainbows, and even AR…!?

Are you in for a colorful rainbow building puzzle game? If so, today we’ve got just the game for you.

Rainbonauts is a puzzle game centered around connecting colorful rainbow segments, (or Blocks), together in order to save the galaxy! …or something like that… Set on a stage similar to that of the classic game Tetris, and played using a simple set of swipe-based controls that just make sense(!), you should really have no trouble learning how to play this game.

In addition to simple controls, Rainbonauts also features shockingly cute characters and a soundtrack that sounds more like a live mashup you would actually choose to listen to rather than a BGM from a free smartphone game.

Is it just us or can we here a Yoshi in the background….

Althgouh incredibly cute and simple, Rainbonauts isn’t exactly the most puzzling puzzle game on the market. In fact, we’re not exactly sure whether we are even allowed to call this game a puzzle… With a gameplay system literally centered around creating rainbows and nothing else, the “puzzles” in this game aren’t exactly all that puzzling or challenging.

If you were expecting this game to help keep your brain healthy, Rainbonauts may be a bit of a disappointment… However, if all you wanted was a game that looks great, sounds great, and can be played both normally and in AR, you won’t regret giving Rainbonauts a try!

With cute characters, a simple gameplay system, and an awesome AR mode for you to check out, this is the first Augmented Reality puzzle game we have ever seen, we must say, we are hyped for more!

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