Quitting Job – Whatever you do, “DON’T DO THIS IN REAL LIFE…”

Have you ever wanted to quit your job… With a BANG? Have you ever woken up with a smile on your face after dreaming about your workplace burning down… (Forgetting that you are now unemployed.) If so, Quitting Job is the game for you.


Quitting Job is an insanely stupid game about a bad idea we’ve all dreamed of at least once in our lives. Based around an irrationally angry worker who is putting in his resignation papers – with style!? – your mission in this game is to beat down all the annoying bosses, and workmates, you’ve always hated! (As the developer says, “It’s about being pissed and quitting your office job with a bang and being banned from the corporate world.” Forever!)

Played in a similar fashion to any other normal fighter game, your player is controlled using a joystick, three action buttons, (Left Punch, Right Punch, and Throw Laptop, Chair, Binder, etc.)

Surprisingly for a game where all the characters look exactly the same – literally, we don’t know how many identical twins(?) appear in this one game alone – the effects, gameplay system (i.e. combos, smashes, etc), and enemy AI are surprisingly good.

Although up against an S Rank fighter game like Super Smash Brothers, Quitting Job looks rather shabby. However considering it was made by 1 man, this game is more than impressive!

With a nice level based gameplay system, and a slight story(?) behind why you are destroying everyone you previously worked with, this is the game version of what you’ve always wanted to do in real life! (We’re joking! Don’t do it! Seriously!)

Could Quitting Job be improved? Yes. Will it make you laugh? Definitely Yes! Although it’s not the best fighter game out there Quitting Job is a silly little game you can play and relieve a little stress after a bad day at work.

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