QuBe by Fat Fish Games – Review

How good is your reaction time? Good? Moderate? Bad…? No matter where your current reaction time lies, today we’ve got a game that is bound to raise it to the next level!

QuBe is not about fun and games, this game is a dead serious reaction time trainer for your smartphone. Do you have what it takes to get to your next level of reaction time performance? You’ll soon find out…

Based around 20 super simple mini games, this game is a continuous barrage of easy – yet speed requiring – mini games that will no doubt have you panicking within the first 5 seconds of gameplay.

“Normally” most “normal” developers will show the “How to play” instructions before the timer begins to tick. With this game… You’ll have to read fast!

The moment you touch the play button both the instructions, the game, and the timer begin, meaning you as the player are required to read what the mission is and clear it before time runs out😱  Personally we’re really glad the developers of this game decided to only implement 20 levels… Otherwise, this game may have been one of those games that are too hard for humans.

Once you’ve played the game a few times and you’ve stopped freaking out enough to start remembering the mini games, this game becomes more and more playable until you’re actually beginning to really enjoy the game.

Though difficult at first, as long as you get past the first few sessions of “This is impossible!!!” without giving up, QuBe is a rather simple game you’ll be glad to have on your device.

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