If you were one of those people who found Flappy Bird annoying, and not all that fun, I’d like to recommend you give this game a try. .PXL by Appsolute Games LLC is a Flappy Bird like game that is actually fun.

If you were privileged enough to play the original Flappy Bird before it was removed from the App Store and Google Play, you’ll probably remember the relatively cheap 2D 8bit graphics and awful Hit Test, for people that know what a “Hit Test” is.

(A “Hit Test” is a test run by a game to check whether two or more objects are intersecting with one another, e.g. The pipes and the bird in Flappy Bird.)

Well, in .PXL everything gets updated, the obstacles change as the game progresses, the Hit Test is much more accurate, the roof and floor no longer kill you, in short it’s awesome!

People who constantly found themselves dying in Flappy Bird should now actually get a few minutes of fun out of this game before they die…

If you were looking for a game that will fill in those few spare minutes in your lunch break, I’d definitely recommend trying out this game.

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