So long as this isn’t the first review of ours that you have read, you are probably aware that one of our ranking metrics is “intuitiveness”. Although kind of difficult to quantify, this metric attempts to illustrate how easy a game is to figure out – without digging through an instruction manual or a press-kit…

PUSH (by Rainbow Train) fails this test like no other game we have ever reviewed…

Don’t get us wrong, PUSH is a very simple game for both iOS and Android about pressing buttons on a 3D object. Starting out with a small cube half covered with blue buttons, your mission in this game is well… actually kind of undefined… 😓

With no in-game tutorial, no instruction manual, in fact, no-actual text other than the quick splash screen that shows while the game is loading, this is the second puzzle game we’ve ever really played where “figuring out the game” is actually part of the puzzle. (The first one was Up Left Out which also happens to be by Rainbow Train.)

Generally speaking, your objective in PUSH is to press down all the buttons on a 3D object and keep them pressed down in order to clear the level. Although this may sound easy enough to accomplish, as you progress through the game you will be hit with one wave after another of new and totally instruction free buttons you have no idea how to use or keep pressed down.

If you’ve ever gone to a garage sale and bought something you had no idea how to use, this game feels just like that. What on earth is this thing even supposed to do!? 

The Conclusion

If you like to take your time and figure things out, this is a puzzle game you will undoubtedly flip over. It shares some strange similarities with those impossible ring puzzles you can buy at science stores.

If not, you should probably keep away from this game, no matter how pretty the graphics are…✨

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