There are a lot of words you could use to describe the classic game Tetris but in our experience, no one has ever used the word “INTENSE!” without sounding at least a little overdramatic. Today we’ve got a modernized version of Tetris which is anything but relaxing…

Push & Pop is a game about a (2x1x1) block-like character randomly set on a stage filled with normal (1x1x1) blocks. Your character – a surprisingly cute little guy – is required to push blocks around the stage in order to match up 5 or more blocks in a single line and (POP) eliminate them all. Pretty simple.😃

The stage is made up of beautiful 3D graphics, and the soundtrack – although seemingly a little over dramatic – is somewhat relaxing and fits nicely with the style of graphics overall. With no time limit on moves and nothing out of the ordinary to suddenly throw you off, Push & Pop looks to be just another relaxing puzzle game until you finally realize why your player is working so hard to push heavy blocks half his own size around the stage…

As the difficulty of the game increases and the number of blocks you are forced to work with also increase, it becomes easier and easier for your player to get stuck in some dead end, unable to push anything around and with limited space to move. When this happens it is pretty much all over for your little guy because your player is essentially just another cute little Tetris block, and when Tetris blocks line up…!😱 POP…!💀

If you’re a cold-hearted monster who enjoys watching your player suffer after struggling to survive, perhaps this game isn’t all that intense. But for players like us who feel a strange connection toward this small blocky player locked on a stage that continuously tries to eliminate him, Push & Pop is likely going to be the most intense game of Tetris you will ever play!

The Conclusion

Were we being overdramatic? Probably yes, but if you’re in for a game that looks great, sound great, and features a super cute character that dies every time you GAME OVER, this is the game for you! …you cold-hearted monster…!

The download link is just below.
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