Protect The Tree – This is the game!

Did you enjoy playing the simple online tower defense style games before smartphones began taking over our daily gaming lives? Back then, you weren’t required to log in with Facebook or Twitter in order to play the simplest of games and so long as Flash Player was up to date you were good to go! …times have changed…

Protect The Tree is a game that resembles the tower defense games we enjoyed playing on our chunky PC’s back from 2005. Set in a modernized 3D stage with graphics that look to be a cross between low poly and chunky 3D pixels, your mission in this game is to defend a glowing white tree that lies at the end of a winding blocky dirt path.

With a number of different weapons you can purchase and build using the coins you collect each time you kill an enemy (or survive a wave), playing Protect The Tree is surprisingly straightforward thanks to the intuitive UI design and speedy in game tutorial. Better still, Protect The Tree doesn’t make use of the long winded story oriented gameplay systems most tower defense games we’ve tried recently all seem to make use of.

For players who don’t have time to play through potentially hours of dialog in order to unlock all the usable weapons and would rather just play the full game from the very beginning, this game was practically designed for you!

With no unlockable items, a few different levels for you to defend, and an awesomely intense gameplay system even the best of strategists will struggle to call easy, this is a game we’d recommend to anyone who loves playing tower defense games but is normally far too busy to bother…

Are you ready to test your skills on the battleground once again?
If so, you should probably make sure you actually have time to, because once you start playing, you’ll have a hard time stopping…

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