Popular Wars

Would you consider yourself a popular guy or girl? If so, today we’ve got the ultimate game to put your true charmingness to the test!! 👊🔥…wait… did you just say the boss has a higher score than me…? 😱😱😱

(Quick Disclaimer) I’m sure this game has nothing to do with how charming you actually are… 👍😂

Popular Wars (by Lion Studios and Game5mobile) is a game about essentially destroying your school using nothing but sheer force and popularity!

Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to control your player, (similar to how Hole.io is played), your goal in this game is to accumulate as many followers as possible – and hopefully become the most popular guy in your school – before time runs out.

As you gradually increase in popularity, you will not only be able to steal followers from other less-popular classmates but will also be able to destroy the actual school building itself, allowing you to reach new followers before other players since you don’t necessarily need to find a door in order to get in or out.

At this point, for anyone who has played a bunch of (.io) games either for iOS or Android, it should come as no surprise to you that Popular Wars is essentially just a rehash of every other (.io) you have ever played on your smartphone. The one difference you may notice in Popular Wars is that players you defeat don’t automatically re-spawn like they do in most other (.io) games.

This means that if you “Size Up” before any of your opponents and manage to defeat them all before they gain any followers, you can win the game in under 15 seconds. We actually managed to do this which was pretty cool…

With pretty standard, Hole.io inspired graphics, a few different skins for you to unlock as well as two game modes for you to try out, for good and for bad Popular Wars is a pretty standard (.io) game.

If you loved Hole.io, you’ll probably love this game! If not, you probably won’t. It’s as simple as that…

The Conclusion

For anyone looking to learn how to become popular, this probably isn’t the game for you – since brute force isn’t exactly the best way to develop real friendships. That being said, if you’re feeling a little stressed out and would like to destroy a virtual school, I’m sure you will find great pleasure in playing this game!

…just don’t do it in real life…

Want to give Popular Wars a try? The download link is just below.📲
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