Poly Bridge

Physics games are everywhere! Although you may not realize it, we would estimate that around 80% of the games you play on your smartphone (especially Action Games) rely on some sort of Physics engine just to function…! That being said, it isn’t every day you get to see a game that bases itself on physics quite this much…

Poly Bridge (by Dry Cactus) is a game about building bridges – more specifically bridges that don’t collapse. Set on a number of different low poly 3D stages, your mission in this game is to build bridges capable of getting a given number of cars from one side of a river, cliff, etc. to the other without breaking apart too much… 😬

For anyone who has played a bunch of different bridge builder games and can’t understand why Poly Bridge costs a whopping ($4.99), we can say, after playing Poly Bridge for 5 minutes you’ll soon understand. The level of control you are given in this game is nothing like any other mobile bridge-builder we have ever seen!

Starting with the UI (User Interface), you are given more control over how you build than ever before. With handy features which can be toggled “on” and “off” like Snap To Grid, Stress Visibility, Auto Triangulate, and Auto Draw, together with some awesome tools you’ll never want to work without again such as the Tracing Tool, Batch Select, and more, we could probably fill up an entire article just talking about how to use all the different tools in Poly Bridge!

Not that we are the best at making bridges ourselves…😅

Jumping back to the game, Poly Bridge features a total of 105 challenging levels for you to complete, 6 unique materials for you to build with (including Hydraulics which can be used to make drawbridges) and a Sandbox Mode for your wildest creations, this game has pretty much everything you could ever want from a mobile bridge builder.

The only thing it doesn’t have is the humor from Bridge Constructor Portal.

The Conclusion

Poly Bridge is either the best (or the second best) bridge builder game we have ever had the pleasure of featuring on Edamame Reviews. Although we’re 100% sure Poly Bridge is the superior bridge builder, we’re still struggling to decide which game we enjoyed more…

…Bridge Constructor Portal or Poly Bridge… 🤔

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