Pogo Bears – A pogo game that is just way too cute…!

Do you like cute things? Probably. It seem we all like cute things to one extent or another, but where is the line, where do things become “too cute”? Today we’ve got a game that may just sit on the borderline of “too cute”-ness…

Pogo Bears is a pogo game (pretty obvious) but unlike the majority of pogo games available on app stores, Pogo Bears looks tremendously cute! Instead of the usual skatepark / gangster style graphics featured in most pogo games, this game uses graphics that would look perfect in a storybook for a 5 year old! (…just a little over the top?)

Perhaps it’s the smiley faces found on “Literally Everything!” …or maybe the game just “is” annoyingly difficult? Who knows, but whatever it is, this game will have you pulling out your hair in frustration!

Based around the simple concept of jumping from one chunk of land to another while avoiding an obstacle positioned in the middle of the two blocks of land, this game is simple yet somehow annoying in a different way to every other game we’ve tested so far.

If you’re looking for a game to give to your 5 year old, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the wrong game. …However, if you were looking for a game filled with smiley faces that seem to softly whisper the words, “Don’t worry. It’s only a game…” every single time you Game Over. This game will do a fine job at helping your gamer friend lose all his/her hair…

Do you like annoying things? Is The Duck Song your favorite song on your phone? If so, we’ve found a game you definitely will want to add to your collection.

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