Have you ever dreamed of what would happen to our small blue pebble of a planet if an interstellar space mining corporation discovered valuable resources at our planet’s core…? GAME OVER…👾 FOR ALL HUMANITY…💀

Pocket Galaxy is a brand new tapper game in which we are pretty sure we play the role of the evil enemy… Centered around destroying small defenseless planets in an attempt to collect any valuable resources that lie at its core, your mission in this game is to basically play the dream role of every evil villain, a god-like being capable of destroying planets by simply tapping on the screen of your device!

Just like most other adventure style tapper games, as you progress through each of the levels in this game you are presented with larger and stronger planets to destroy, requiring you to upgrade your destructive powers in order to continue terminating planets at the same lethal rate.

This can be achieved by either upgrading the damage done per cataclysmic tap or by purchasing military-grade star destroyers that continue to work for you even while the App is closed. The App must be running in the background!

Now, although fun, there are a few things we’re not a fan of in Pocket Galaxy. If you fell in love with Tap Titans or Tap Titans 2, you will likely notice that Pocket Galaxy features a very similar gameplay system. To a degree this is great, however, due to the lack of documentation, some of the features remained a mystery to the end of our testing period which is never a good sign…

Other than a low-ish level of documentation, the UI (User Interface) could use a few updates which would definitely make playing the game a lot easier.

The Conclusion

If you happen to be an evil villain scheming to destroy our planet, just don’t, play Pocket Galaxy instead. That way you won’t get beaten up by the many Marvel / DC heroes who defend the inhabitants of planet earth.😆

Want to give Pocket Galaxy a try? The download link is just below.📲
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