Do you know who invented the violin? Probably not…. It was Andrea Amati in 1558. Things that we now consider as almost “standard” can be – and were once – invented.

PlayGround by HLO S.A. is a new kind of instrument, and is basically a synthesizer you can play on your iPad. This strange instrument is played by either swiping over, or tapping on, colored blocks scattered over your device’s screen.

Each block produces at least two sounds – some blocks have many more – and can be triggered by either a tap or a swipe. If you haven’t started to get the idea already, PlayGround is played by rhythmically tapping on or swiping over the blocks on your screen in order to create a simple beat or rhythm.

By adding taps or adjusting the echo, or even switching the pitch around with the fingers you’ve got left over, the simple rhythms you create will quickly become awesome piece of music all on their own!

The simple controls make PlayGround extremely easy to play, and the only real limitations to the music you can create are your imagination and musical talent…

PlayGround • Music At Your Fingertips_SS1PlayGround • Music At Your Fingertips_SS2PlayGround • Music At Your Fingertips_SS3PlayGround • Music At Your Fingertips_SS4

The Conclusion

If synthesizer music has always spiked your interest, PlayGround is probably the coolest “free” instrument you’ll find anywhere.


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