Planes Control

Your friends are playing Clash Royale and Minecraft, people on the underground are completely addicted to Candy Crush and Angry Birds, kids in the streets are totally magnetized by Talking Tom and even your neighbors are discussing Mario Run. You, on the contrary, are not a gamer at all. You don’t see real reasons for wasting your time gaming. Does this sound familiar? Then this article is for you.

Let’s step back from theory, highly promoted brands and titles and check on an example of an indie game, why gaming can be not only “just killing some time”; but also, meaningful and even useful. So, what exactly can mobile games bring to your life?

1. Gain completely new experience

Find yourself in situations you’ve never been before. Feel like a pilot and traffic controller at the same time. Fight aliens, participate in the second world war, land the biggest and the fastest planes WW, put out fires in Australia, etc. Take control of the sky.

2. Train fast reaction times and improve on efficient decision making

You will probably not believe this, but playing games can teach you fast reactions and faster decision making. In Planes Control, for instance, you need to control and coordinate all the upcoming aircraft, including military jets, helicopters, and even space ships. You must avoid collisions, shoot enemies, save forests, etc. You must be cold, react fast and be ready to take responsibility for your actions.

3. Share great times with the people you like

No, I’m not talking about you playing online with some virtual friends. I mean a physical game together with your friends, family and even kids. Levels of Planes Control can be played in such a way, that more than one player can land planes simultaneously. If you don’t try you won’t understand what kind of fun you are missing😉

4. Relax

Just relax. As simple as it sounds. Enjoy the beautiful design of the game and listen to the audio. Sometimes music for a game is written by real musicians just like it happens to be in Planes Control.

5. Take a break from other activities

Sometimes you need to go out from a circle you are running in. You want to forget a problem you have or just step back and look at an issue in your life from another perspective. A mobile game would fit perfectly into such situations.

6. Use your device in a different way

What exactly are you doing with your cell phone? Calling, texting, checking social media, taking pics and sharing them via social media mentioned above… Right? So maybe this is the time to use it for something new? Try mobile gaming!

7. Play from anywhere, anytime

Once you’ve downloaded the game it’s yours. Play it anywhere you want. As much as you want. There are 18 different levels for mobile phones and tablets, from very easy ones to very challenging ones, just pick the one that fits the situation/circumstances you are in.

8. No additional costs

There are plenty of free games, including Planes Control. It may not be the main reason for playing, but an additional argument for sure 😉

It’s your decision to play or not to play and if to play, what exactly. Just remember, that regardless of your choice a mobile game will never make your life awesome, it will just fit perfectly into your awesome life.

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