Pixie Arena by Pasquale Ambrosini – Review

Normally we don’t review shooters. Why? Because people either love them, or hate them, and because on mobile, we haven’t found any we really love… Until today… This is our review of Pixie Arena.

Pixie Arena is an awesome shooter completely made from blocks, and is insanely easy to play, once you figure out the controls… For a game so simple it took us a surprisingly long time to figure out how to play the game.

If there were one feature we wish this game had it would be some kind of intro explaining how to play the game😅

From our overhead view we could see, blocks, shadows, and… that was about it… until suddenly we started getting hit from somewhere and “Dead!” Oh, man! Our second round was a little better.

We “finally” noticed the joystick in the lower left corner of our screen, and soon after figured out that the bar beneath our block was in fact our health, but we still couldn’t find a shoot button… Wildly running around the maze-like battlefield hoping that we wouldn’t bump into anyone, we discovered what may be this game’s best feature.

Pixie Arena “doesn’t” have a shoot button. The moment an enemy comes into view your player will automatically fire a barrage of pixelated bullets, meaning all you have to do is focus on avoiding being hit. An awesome feature to have on a mobile device!

Also, some additional features we didn’t discover until later on. By tapping on your player you can set off a bomb destroying all nearby enemies, and sometimes there are grayed out items that will make survival much easier👍

Pixie Arena is definitely – not probably – the easiest shooter ever featured on Edamame Reviews. The removal of the shoot button was something we did not expect, but makes playing this game simple, stress free, and just Fun!

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