Pixel Sword Fish io – Your next set of unfortunate victims

Are you in need of another chaotic (.io) game in order to keep you yelling at opponents halfway around the globe? If so, today we have a yet another game to ruin your social life…

Pixel Sword Fish io is a typical (.io) game that takes pride in killing its players. Set on one of the most chaotic 2D battlegrounds we have ever set foot on, (or in this case fin on), your mission in this game is to take out as many fishy opponents as possible using the small pixelated swords that jut out from your player.

Depending on which fishy warriors you choose to battle with, both the number and length of your swords will vary, giving you a slight advantage or disadvantage when up against different opponents. However, there is no “fixed” rule as to what is stronger than what meaning whether or not you win is left mostly up to your skill as a player.🎮

The game is played using 2 simple on-screen controls, a “Virtual Joystick” and a “Boost Button” which is very useful when ramming your sword into the side of an opponent and when running away from an extra-tough one…💨

No matter how big or powerful you get both you and your opponents all have a vulnerable tail meaning one speedy stab and GAME OVER.💀 Easy as this might sound, you are for one, playing against other humans which always makes things difficult, and the longer a player has survived the longer their swords become, making it easier and easier to defend their vulnerabilities.

With a number of different game modes, our 2 favorites being “Survival” and “Classic”, and a large enough community of players to fill a new game within 10-20 seconds, Pixel Sword Fish io is another crazy (.io) game you will likely enjoy.

Last but not least, if you’re after a game with stunning graphics then this probably isn’t the game for you. However, if you really wanted a game with great graphics you probably shouldn’t be searching through (.io) games…

The Conclusion

If trolling mobile (.io) games and mowing through waves of inexperienced players with your insane skill is something you enjoy doing in your free time, Pixel Sword Fish io is yet another great place to find your next set of unfortunate victims.

However, the guys who play Pixel Sword Fish io are surprisingly tough so don’t get too cocky. You could end up like this…💀

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