Are you a cat person!? After reading the title to this review, it would be kind of shocking to hear you are actually more of a dog person than a cat person, but anyway, today we’ve got a game, dripping with cuteness, you need on your iOS or Android device!

From the creators of Crossy Road, Shooty Skies, and a bunch of other cool games, Piffle is essentially the cutest remake of Ballz (by Ketchapp) you will ever see. Played using cats instead of balls, happy looking number tiles, and red things that go boom – your mission in this game is to complete levels as you continue on your adventure in search of your dog who has been captured by an evil robot.

As you progress through the game, you will slowly be introduced to new gameplay elements such as exploding blocks, lightning squares that power up your cats, bombs and more.

For anyone who hasn’t played Piffle or Ballz, both of these games are played by “Touching and Dragging” on the screen of your device in order to aim and “Releasing” in order to fire a steady stream of balls up at the blocks above your player. Your goal is to destroy all the blocks before they reach the bottom of your screen. Basically a modern and slightly modified version of Breakout.

Unlike most of the Ballz remakes we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews, Piffle is a level based game, meaning your goal isn’t merely to survive for as long as possible, but to actually win.

For people who have gotten fed up playing the many different Ballz remakes that are “actually” designed to kill you (in order to show you Ads) the levels in Piffle gradually become more and more challenging, making the game fun and enjoyable!

With incredibly cute graphics, not too many Ads, and a total of 200 levels (so far) for you to enjoy, this is yet another irresistibly cute game cat lovers need on their iOS or Android device!

The Conclusion

If you’ve read this far and are secretly a dog person, this is a secret we don’t want you to tell anyone… “We actually thought the cats in this games were dogs when we first got our hands on this game. 🤭” 

Don’t worry, Piffle is a game Dog people can also enjoy.

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