Paper Plane Planet – Take off on a tiny adventure in the sky!

Did you love playing Baseball Boy! and Flying Arrow! by Voodoo? Because today we’ve got a game that shares so many similarities with these 2 games but is actually kind of new and original – this is our review of Paper Plane Planet by ZPLAY and OHM Games.

Based on the same core mechanic as the two games mentioned above, Paper Plane Planet is played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to stop a power gauge which dictates just how much power is used to launch a paper plane into the sky.

Obviously, the more power you launch your plane with, the further you can fly and the more money you receive. Simple! …until you add updrafts into the equation…

Located at different locations on the map are points that act as both updrafts (which boost your plane’s altitude) as well as markers on the map. At this stage, there are a total of 40 markers on the map and an unspecified number of hot air balloons which can also be collected once your plane can actually fly that high. 😓

At first, it will take a perfect throw + a truckload of luck in order to get your plane to the first updraft, but once you’ve upgraded your plane a few times, (i.e. like 20 times) you’ll soon be able to fly from one updraft to the next, exploring the small-ish low poly world of Paper Plane Planet to your heart’s content!

Once you get to this stage, one throw can last for 1, 2 or even 3 minutes depending on how skilled you are, making this game far more enjoyable. Unfortunately, you have to suffer the hardships of 5-second flights and 30-second Ads before you can actually get to this stage…

With a nice low poly design, a simple and somewhat familiar gameplay system, and just about as many ads as you would expect to see in any game from Voodoo, (even though this game isn’t from Voodoo), Paper Plane Planet is a game we had fun playing, although we didn’t enjoy the Ads…

The Conclusion

If you’ve always had a thing for paper planes, then Paper Plane Planet is a game you will probably want to check out. Especially if you happen to be on an airplane… with Airplane Mode on… and lots of time to kill…

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