Panic Drop – The first “easy” drop down platformer ever?

“Panic Drop” what comes to mind when you first hear this name? For us it was something about falling to our painful death onto some hard object.💀  If you imagined something along similar lines we don’t blame you, but surprisingly in this game you hardly ever “fall” to your death… What!?

Panic Drop is actually a game more about platforms, spikes, and jumping. (Not exactly falling to your death…) Your mission in this game is to guide a cube-like character down a series of slippery obstacle covered platforms, for as long as possible without dying… rather typical platformer rules.

The controls you’ll use to achieve this are also rather typical, tap anywhere to jump controls, that most people who have played a mobile game in the last 3 years have “probably” seen… (Ok we’re joking here…)

Now, “normally” we’d tell you just about now how impossible this platformer is… not today…

Surprisingly Panic Drop isn’t actually that hard a game! You see, scattered around the stage are different powerup items that help your player to actually survive most of the traps, just so long as you collect them.

In most games, items are used sparingly by the developer in order to make the game difficult or challenging. Not in Panic Drop, and in our opinion this is actually a good thing.

Instead of making players want to play out of frustration, Panic Drop gives players the addictive taste of success you simply can’t resist.

If you’d like the only “not impossible” dropdown platformer game we’ve ever seen, this is it. We don’t know of any others to offer you…😓

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