Paint Hit – Painting with paintballs is cool, fun, and sort of annoying… 😅

Have you ever considered painting your house with a paintball gun, and a couple of thousand paintballs? Although we never had the idea of using a paintball gun, we did consider using 3 sticks of dynamite and a bucket of paint… Like Mr. Bean… 😂

Paint Hit (by MAG Interactive) is a game that was obviously designed by people who do consider paintball guns more than just tools to blast your friends with. Set in a minimalistic 3D world, your mission in this game is to blast a “slowly” rotating 3D pipe – the key word being slowly – using a given number of paintballs.

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to fire, you’ll need to time your shots carefully in order to avoid shooting sections of the pipe which have already been painted.

Now, although this has nothing to do with¬†Paint Hit as a game,¬†Paint Hit is a great game which looks clean and minimalistic, is simple and easy to play, and has just a few too many Ads for our liking but nothing too crazy…

It’s just¬†oh-so-slow!!!¬†😫😫😫

If you’re the type of gamer that enjoys¬†speed runs – where you plow through a game at top speed! Clearing multiple levels in a matter of minutes! Then this game is going to kill you!!!¬†

The pipes in this game rotate like a retired couple on a Sunday drive!

Although this slow pace definitely¬†serves a purpose we can’t deny – making the game simple and easy to play for players of all ages. For impatient game reviewers like ourselves,¬†Paint Hit feels more like a form of mental rehabilitation than it does a game for our smartphone. 😅

Undeniably exactly what we need…

The Conclusion

If you’re fast and impatient, this game is going to annoy you! …or at least, the lower levels in this game will annoy you…

That being said, if you find games like Knife Hit (by Ketchapp and estoty) or Knife vs Fruit (by Orangenose Studios) just a little too fast for your liking, then this is probably the ideal game for you!

The ideal Goldilocks game to suit your needs!

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