Outfolded – The most “addictive” puzzle game ever…!?

Have you ever played with Origami? If you have, you no doubt already know just how cool it is to see a single sheet of paper transform into beautiful elaborate shapes that would seem impossible to make with a single sheet of paper…

Outfolded is a puzzle game that would probably be best described as the opposite of traditional origami. In this game your mission is to get from A to B using different 3 dimensional shapes all made of outfolding parts. (A little like unfolding an origami creation.)

Now, if you’ve already begun to fall in love with this game’s concept, this next section may just make you want to skip our review altogether…😓

In Outfolded there are no time limits to restrict your train of thought, and for just in case you make a mistake, there are an unlimited number of undos to back you up! Whoever planned this game is a genius!

With simple swipe controls, challenging puzzles, a beautiful soundtrack to block outside distractions, and no limitations on your gameplay whatsoever, Outfolded may very well be the most addictive puzzle game we’ve ever had the privilege to stumble upon.

“Relax, take your time, and enjoy the journey.” These were the first words that greeted us when we started Outfolded. We never expected they would be so true…!

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