Do you sometimes find yourself aimlessly tapping on your desk for no apparent reason? Why not you put those “Taps” to better use? Today we’ve got a game where all you ever really do is… Tap😓

Tap TitansMucho Taco, and of course Cookie Clickers are all brilliant examples of games that can be played by simply barraging your screen with an infinite number of “taps.” Today we’ve got another game – this time a mining game – that is ready to join the mix.

Although the graphics, user interface, and gameplay are all decent endless tapper quality, the documentation for Ore Miner isn’t so good…

Although we know how to play the “Base Game” – Seriously, tap on a rock at the center of your screen, how hard is that? – We still don’t really know how to play the game at a more advanced level. i.e. Power up digging tools, buy/sell stuff, etc…

To really get addicted to Ore Miner, we’d need just a little more information.

The Conclusion

Ore Miner is an extremely well made game with a lot of functionality we unfortunately couldn’t quite figure out😕

If you’re after a brand new endless tapper to ad to your gaming folder how about Ore Miner? It’s hot off the press!

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