Can you remember back to the time when you first learned how to ride a bicycle? Captivated in an addictive trance, chances are you tried time after time to ride your brand new bike until finally you successfully managed to ride 1 meter…!

One Wheel is an extremely simple 2D physics based game about riding a unicycle for the first time ever! Set in a simple minimalist stage with gentle hills and slopes – the perfect place to learn how to ride a unicycle – your mission in this game is to ride as far as possible without falling over and GAME OVER.

Luckily for us, the game is set in a 2D world which makes riding a unicycle much, much easier than in the real – 3D world – for anyone who has tried in real life…😓

Played using extremely simple touch controls, (Move Forward and Move Backward), combined with the fact that the game is set in two-dimensional space, makes playing One Wheel extremely simple and easy, yet almost impossible to master! …and it is this combination of simple and impossible that captivates players…

For players who can remember back to a time when they were captivated by the idea of riding a bicycle, One Wheel is one of the simplest and most addictive games you will ever play. It is amazing how much time we spent trying to ride a virtual unicycle…

The Conclusion

With super clean minimalist graphics, simple controls, and a gameplay system that is just way too addictive! One Wheel is a game we’d recommend to anyone who has “plenty of time” to figure out how to ride a virtual unicycle. Otherwise, you may be in a little trouble…

Want to give One Wheel a try? The download link is just below😉

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