One More Bounce – The best game from the SMG Studio yet!

One More Bounce is the 4th “One More” game to hit the App Store, and in our opinion may just happen to be the best one we’ve seen so far!

One More Bounce joins the “One More” family (One More Line, One More Dash, and One More Jump) and has taken a step ahead of its 3 older siblings once again!

Featuring a simple level based gameplay system – something we saw for the first time in the recently released One More Jump – One More Bounce is set in a minimalist Digital Cave-like setting and is played by simply drawing lines for your player to bounce on. Could they have made the game any easier? Actually yes…

You see, depending on the length of the lines you draw, the amount of “bounce” you exert on your player changes drastically, potentially sending it smashing into the roof, or barely keeping it from hitting ground. A difficult balance you’ll need to maintain; all while bouncing through tight passageways, collecting points, and bouncing past moving obstacles😱

Overall, the game looks wonderful with the usual vibrant graphics found in “One More” games and as usual will probably take you about a week to figure out how to play really well.

Want the best quality “Cave Bouncer” game ever featured on Edamame Reviews?
(Funny it’s the only cave bouncer we’ve ever seen…)

With vibrant graphics, intuitive gameplay, and levels to help make the game just that little bit easier to start playing, this game is perfect in almost every way.

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