Okay? by Kamibox – Review

The developers at Kamibox have come up with a new game / experiment. Seeing it sounded interesting, we said “Okay.”

Okay? is an extremely interesting game. Based entirely on angles of reflection, this game would be a sure hit even without the added fun of participating in an “experiment.” The aim of the game is to fire a little gray ball at different objects around a small stage and, using the curvature or angle of the object, bounce the ball around the stage and hit every “white” object visible.

Once hit by the ball, the objects will disappear, making more room for your ball to bounce around, and also only allowing you to use the same object once…

Now, the “experiment” part of this game is in fact the price tag. This game costs nothing. Yes, the whole thing is entirely free with no annoying ads constantly getting in your way, nor “purchase to play” levels. You get the whole thing!

Your next job as the player is to put a price tag on this game. Yes, you decide how much this game is worth. Whether you pay $0.00 or pay $100.00 is completely up to you… – how much are you willing to pay… –

Okay?_SS1 Okay?_SS2

Whether this new way of paying for games becomes the future of mobile gaming, or ends a crazy idea is up to you!

The future is in your hands…

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