Do you remember Super Hexagon? This truly impossible game has been referred to countless times on Edamame Reviews as our benchmark for “Impossibleness.” Today we’ve got another game from the polygon family that is actually playable… This is our review of Octagon.

Octagon is… well… actually a fun and enjoyable endless runner style game that most players should find rather cool. It isn’t impossible, and though relatively fast paced, as long as you stay focused most players should have enough warning to stay alive for at least 50 to 60 seconds of gaming before it becomes too hard.

With a similar graphical look and feel to the insanely popular Twist by ketchapp Octagon is basicly the same game just with a little more “freedom.” Unlike Twist where players are only required to tap to jump to the next stage, Octagon requires players to either swipe left or right to move to new stages either positioned to the left or right of your player; pretty simple.

On top of these two base functions there is one more function that completely threw us off at first…😓 By swiping directly up your player will jump to the roof, essentially switching gravity. This function is obviously extremely important – especially when the next stage you need to switch to is directly above you – but somehow we managed to miss it… Accidentally swiping directly up when there was no stage above us, we actually thought this essential action was a bug😅

(Always read the “How to play guide…💧”)

The Conclusion

Once you’ve read the “How to play guide” Octagon is an extremely well made runner game that is not too hard nor too easy.

If you’re after a new minimalist game to add to your gaming collection, here it is!

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