We totally didn’t see this one coming… Who ever thought the concept of “counting”, could be transformed into a challenging game for children between the ages of 10 and about 99…?

Numbala (by Neurodio) is a simple game about a flying space whale, what appear to be cookies(?), and a spaceship! Set in a beautifully animated 2D world, Numbala is a new kind of space shooter where practically all you control is the altitude of your ship. Sound easy? Think again!

Played using a slider listed with the numbers from 1 through to 9 – your mission in this game is to count the number of chocolate chips on the cookies that fly by in order to move your ship up or down to the correct altitude required to collect them. Not only is this educational, but it is also kind of difficult, especially when you are trying to collect power-ups, avoid obstacles, and destroy blockades with your ship’s laser all at the same time…😅

As much as Numbala is an educational tool, it is also a game, featuring the look and feel of a high-end mobile game for iOS and Android. If you were ever the victim of an educational game that felt more like a textbook than something you would actually choose to play in your free time, it may be interesting if you gave Numbala a second chance.

For adults that feel education games are for kids, you’ll probably be surprised at just how hard it is to casually count out chocolate chips on a cookie when your ship is about to collide with a wall covered in spikes…😱

With a beautiful award-winning 2D design, 26 challenging levels (so far), and all the cookies you can eat, this game trains your intuition with numbers which is kind of essential if you want to become a mathematician or pilot a 2D spaceship.

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a better relationship with simple numbers, Numbala is a game we highly recommend you check out on your iOS or Android device.

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