Ninja UP! – Draw your way to the top!

Jumping is fun. It’s a fact of life trampoline manufacturers take advantage of every day, and the reason there are no jumping castles in board rooms. ...Work is supposed to be serious, and hard(!), not fun and enjoyable…

Ninja UP! is a super simple game about jumping up. Starting out at ground level, your mission in this game is to draw magical rope lines on the screen of your device in order to slingshot your ninja higher and higher up into the air, past the highest buildings, out of earth’s atmosphere, and even higher! (Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten quite that high yet…)

Played using simple swipe gestures to draw rope lines your Ninja can jump on, the trick is to carefully adjust the angle and size of your ropes to change the height and angle at which your player jumps. The longer your ropes are the lower your player will jump, and the shorter your ropes are the higher your player will jump.

Using a careful combination of both long and short ropes pointed at different angles and directions, your overall mission in this game is to avoid obstacles while jumping, in order to get the highest score physically possible!

Unlike a lot of games that mostly rely on items or powerups, Ninja UP! seems to be based purely on your skill as a gamer, adding an extra element of challenges into this exceedingly simple game

If you rather playing games that test your skill as a gamer instead of your ability to buy in-game items, chances are Ninja UP! is a game you will seriously enjoy. With a super simple gameplay system, amazing graphics, and a minimal number of ads to hold you back, Ninja UP! is the perfect game to test out your skills as a gamer.

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