Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a Ninja back in the day? Better still, imagine being a Ninja in the future…

Ninja Tower is a game where you help a cute Ninja girl (there is a word for that! A Kunoichi) up a super high tech tower by “air jumping” your way past spiky boulders, sword wielding enemies, and a whole heap of other defensive weapons we are pretty sure must have come from the future! The controls in this game are simple and very easy to get used to. By tapping on the screen your Ninja girl will jump and by tilting your device she will either move left or right.

Once you’ve gotten the basics down pat it’s time to take on your mission. Your mission… is to collect peaches. If you just burst out laughing, we will assure you, this is no laughing matter. Once you successfully manage to collect 200 peaches the peaches will merge together to create a scroll that, when activated, will become two giant spinning wheels of Shuriken and Kunai which can destroy any obstacles that block your path! No wonder you’re after them…

Some other Ninja weapons you can collect along the way are Shield Shuriken that can block one enemy hit, and Shuriken Bombs, that when triggered will blow up everything around you. There are also Ninja Rockets that will automatically carry you far up the stage without you having to do anything; making it just a little easier to get a high score.


The Conclusion

Whether set in the future or in the past, this is a game you can play on your iPhone right now, and for Ninja fans, we’re sure it won’t disappoint you.

Besides, it was created in Kyoto Japan where real Ninja once dominated the night. Who knows the developer may be a Ninja himself…

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