So another Flappy Bird clone, is that what you’re thinking? Because this game is filled with some shocking new features that may just bring that old game you’ve played way too many times, back to life…

Neon Flap was quite a surprise when we first saw it. There have been plenty of versions of Flappy Bird where you can change the color or type of bird you attempt the game with (a feature included in Neon Flap), and so with our first attempt at this game we didn’t actually expecting all that much more. We soon changed our minds…

Suddenly the pipes would begin to move, then explode, or quickly close-in from above. The first time we tried Neon Flap it nearly gave us a heart attack! I think I can vaguely remember someone saying, “This isn’t supposed to happen!” Well it did and does!

There are some crazy features like Slow Motion Boosts that allow you to slow time as you pass through extra squishy gaps between pipes, and also dynamite to blow the pipes up all together. Overall, we must say, the improvements made to this game make it much easier to play, and makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable.

Neon Flap_SS1 Neon Flap_SS2 Neon Flap_SS3 Neon Flap_SS4

The Conclusion

If you were fortunate unlucky enough to miss out on downloading the original Flappy Bird, trust us Neon Flap is better. With lot’s of new features you have yet to see, Neon Flap is definitely better than a lot of the other clones available on the App Store and Google Play.

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