If you love playing golf and have a thing for pixel art, then today we’ve got a game you simply can’t miss! From Nitrome and RHUBARBIST – two legends in the pixel art community – comes the cutest pixelated game of putt-putt golf we have ever seen! 😆

Set in a colorful, vibrant, and beautifully animated pixelated world, your mission in Nano Golf is to put a golf ball into the cup within a given number of moves. At first, the game looks like an ordinary putt -putt golf course made for children and the levels are relatively easy, however, as you progress through the game the levels become more and more challenging until eventually, you’ll find yourself stumped on a course that definitely wasn’t designed for children…

Played using a simple set of (Touch and Drag) based controls that allow you to adjust both the power and angle of your shots with a surprising level of accuracy, it should only take you a few minutes to fully understand how to play this game.

Although this probably isn’t something we should be surprised or even excited about – especially considering who the developers are – we still can’t help but admire the high level of detail put into each and every minor animation. Each time you bump into a wall, each time you smash your ball with a power shot, each time you do anything, Nano Golf responds in a natural pixelated way you may not even notice, but will definitely appreciate.

Other than beautiful graphics, Nano Golf also features a total of 72 levels split evenly over 4 stages – each with their own unique color and style.

If you’re in for a simplistic mobile golfing challenge, this is the game for you. 😆

The Conclusion

With beautifully pixelated graphics, difficult challenges, and not too many Ads, there really wasn’t a lot for us to dislike about this simple little game. If you’re about to set out on a long road trip or a 9-hour flight, why not check out this simple golf game for iOS and Android?

Want to give Nano Golf a try? The download link is just below.📲
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