For as long as I can remember, people have told me that my handwriting is terrible and that I needed to improve. This got me thinking – how many other people have been criticised or ridiculed for their handwriting? This was the catalyst that created Mystery Word. Initially using fonts incorporating my bad handwriting, it has further developed by use of brush strokes, contemporary/abstract art, futuristic/space themes and bold fonts.

How to play?

Mystery Word is all about reading the impossible. Simply decipher the near unreadable word displayed on the canvas. The words have randomized fonts, so every player’s experience is different. Sound easy? Mystery Word is a challenging way to pass the time. It’s unique, enjoyable and demonstrates that having bad handwriting can be fun!


● 250+ levels
● Unique game idea
● In game hints
● In game sharing words to get friend’s help
● 20+ fonts to decode
● 5 different categories
● No time limits
● A nice and simple user interface
● Easy gameplay


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About – Radiobush

Radiobush is small indie game development company from Tasmania, Australia.

Mystery Word is the 21st game developed by Radiobush that has brought us other entertaining and fun games such as Hole Shot Golf (iOS, Android), Deadroad Assault (iOS, Android), Ball Spikes Bad (iOS) and Fuse Line (iOS, Android).

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