From the creators of 10 Billion Husbands and 20 Billion Wives – 2 of the stupidest most unique clicker games we have ever played – comes yet another girlfriend simulation game that doesn’t make any sense… After playing this game, you will never ever say “She is an Angel!” ever again…

My Sweet Angel (by Masukachi Inc.) is a dating simulation clicker game about a girl that is… well… Broken…?

After having her necklace stolen by an evil scientist (⚠Spoiler Alert: we presume is her Farther) you discover that the true identity of your girlfriend is a “Literal Angel!” …which is no big deal, who wouldn’t want to date a literal angel…? Using a hand-cranked generator, your mission in this game is to help your girlfriend collect all the orbs that make up her necklace in order to restore her to her normal form.

Please don’t think too deeply about anything in this game. It doesn’t make any sense anyway…

After finding the first orb in Shibuya Tokyo, your girlfriend discovers that she is also an Alien! …an Oscillating Fan… a Magic Girl… and that she is from the Future… (At this point we gave up playing the game.)

Played just like any other clicker game, you can build up “Angel Power” by either tapping on the screen of your device or by powering up your girlfriend that naturally emits more Angel Power than you could ever dream of generating on your own. For those of you who would actually like to try this game for yourself, My Sweet Angel continues to build up Angel Power even while the app is closed, meaning you can play this game on and off while actually still getting somewhere.

Featuring a “respectable” set of graphics – definitely not the best, but we’ve seen worse… – a standard clicker game mechanic that is simple and easy to learn, and a story that makes no sense what-so-ever(!) but is kind of funny. My Sweet Angel is a comical clicker game centered around a very specific style of comedy targeted at a very specific type of player…

The Conclusion

If you find normal dating simulation games far too easy… If you feel that it is time you stepped up your “charming” game, this definitely isn’t the game for you.😓 It is quite literally a “step-down” from pretty much every other dating simulator you could ever play…

My Sweet Angel is 100% comedy!

Want to give My Sweet Angel a try? The download link is just below.📲
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